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5th SS Viking Division, SS Panzer Combat, Eastern Front
5th SS Viking Division
SS Panzer Combat, Eastern Front
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367 pages; 16 chapters, 2 special reports and 16 appendixes
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The art of combat is to strike hard when the fire is waning,
and to stop and dig in when a massed enemy force is being
hurled at you. The
warriors of the 5th SS Viking Division
did not always follow that formula. At times they charged
forward, firing rapidly from their tanks and trucks, as they
crashed into an advancing enemy force in a meeting
engagement. Above the sound and fury, smoke and blood of
the death-strewn SS battlefield could be heard the ancient
Viking hunting horn. That horn was blown by ancestors who
looked down from the clouds on the exploits of their latest
“The SS Panzer Divisions "Wiking" and "Totenkopf" were pulled from the defenses of Warsaw in late December 1944,
and rushed to Hungary in an attempt to rescue the 100, 000 man garrison besieged in the city of Budapest, Hungary.
The SS panzer attack opened on New Year's Day 1945, and continued for nearly two weeks.
Some of the encircling Soviet forces were destroyed in the initial engagement but the SS divisions could not accomplish a
breakthrough into the city. There was something missing in the leadership of the 4th
SS Panzer Corps and the 6th SS
Panzer Army.
Late in January 1945, the SS Viking (“Wiking") Division attempted to open a corridor to the city once more but was
again repulsed by formidable Soviet defenses.  The
Viking Division was being ordered to participate in too many direct
attacks, straight into the teeth of Soviet antitank fronts. February 1945, found the battered "Wiking" Division curled into
itself on the defensive and attempting to hold against the pressure of increased Soviet attacks.”
Excerpt from 5th SS Viking Division
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5th SS Viking Division is a homeric e-book about heroes whose spectacular achievements of the battlefield were as
unsurpassed as their courage and steadfastness.
5th SS Viking Division, Waffen SS in World War II