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Axis Assault Pioneers - Combat Engineers on Many Fronts
Axis Assault Pioneers
Combat Engineers on Many Fronts
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263 pages; 17 chapters and 3 appendices
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Axis Assault Pioneers is an e-book that describes German Army, Waffen SS, and
combat engineer organizations and operations. This book reveals some very
special German
combat engineer vehicles, which are mentioned in few other places.
Axis Assault Pioneers points out, at least one of the combat vehicles would have
had a profound impact on the outcome of the war. The chapters on Italian Guastatori
combat engineers) include exciting descriptions of the organization and exploits of
the brave
Italian combat engineers. Axis Assault Pioneers includes material not
mentioned in other books of the five volume QuikManeuvers.com e-book set focused on
combat engineers of
“The nature of the terrain enabled the Germans to prepare many demolitions, which have been an essential part of the
delaying actions and which were executed with great thoroughness. Culverts and bridges were destroyed completely.
Roads and all suitable detours were pockmarked with craters, blocked with abatis in the country, and blocked with the
debris of buildings in towns and villages. Railway tracks have been blown up and ties cut. Even the debris left to obstruct
movement often was mined.“
Excerpt from Axis Assault Pioneers
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Axis Assault Pioneers - Combat Engineers on Many Fronts