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British Army Commando Handbook from World War Two
British Commando Handbook
British Commandos of World War II
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151 pages; 8 chapters
Our researchers found this one-of-a kind commando manual published for British
Army Commando Officers in 1942
. It was modified to increase its readability and is
made available to QuikManeuvers’ customers at an unbelievably low price. The
Commando Handbook
covers in great detail the organization, training and operations
British commandos in World War Two.
British Commando Handbook was written for British Army Commando officers as
a training manual
. The material in it was like a guidebook for British commandos
in World War Two.
The techniques and methods used by British Army Commandos are still useful today.
Although many of the
lessons of World War Two are obsolete, what the British
Commandos learned in World War Two
is still relevant.
Review Table of Contents
Training of commando personnel is designed to develop individual fighting initiative, and is based entirely on offensive
principles. The training program seeks the development, to the very highest possible degree, of stamina and endurance
under any operating conditions and in all types of climate. It aims to perfect all individuals in every basic military
requirement, as well as in the special work likely to be encountered in operations, namely: wall climbing, skiing, obstacle
running, demolition, street fighting, both night and day shooting, solution of tactical problems, surmounting barbed wire,
handling grenades and torpedoes, etc. Every man is expected to achieve some particular qualification, as motorcyclist,
driver, boat operator, engineer, etc. The training succeeds in developing at one and the same time confidence, initiative,
and ingenuity in the individual and perfect teamwork in the group.
Commando leaders are given a free hand and a
reasonable cash allowance to organize their own training program. Particular stress is placed on swimming and boating,
although other exercises are also practiced in order to develop rugged physical condition. Stalking and the use of cover
and concealment are stressed, but greater emphasis is placed on night problems, for the success of most raiding
operations depends on an ability to work silently, with precision, in darkness.”
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Excerpt from British Commando Handbook
British Commando World War Two Handbook