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Caching for Survival - Comprehensive Caching Techniques
Caching for Survival
Comprehensive Caching Techniques
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268 pages; 30 chapters
There are many short books and pamphlets available today on caching for
QuikManeuvers.com decided to produce a comprehensive guide to
caching for survival that would include the historic, latest and best
information on all aspects of
caching for survival, for partisans, civilians and
light infantry utility. It is time to begin addressing just how to do things in the
realm of resistance. QuikManeuvers.com is stepping into that information gap
screaming for revenge and with all guns blazing. Relax,
Caching for Survival
tells you all you will ever know about the important subject of
caching for
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“Another method is to use lots of decoys: bury in a junkyard or a dump, where a lot of metallic debris is lying
around. There are lots of places out in the woods where people have dumped old stoves, washing machines, old
cars, and other junk, which would make a good place for a cache. The trick is to make it such that the cache tube
does not stick out, so that its magnetic signature is just one of many similar signatures in the immediate vicinity. The
junk pile should be pre-existing - you shouldn't go out and create your own. It would also be a good thing if there
were quite a few junk piles of this sort around, so that only a few of them would be used as cache sites. The tube, in
this case, need not be vertical; it can lie on a diagonal or be horizontal, just as long as it is well-camouflaged, both
with regard to visual appearance and magnetic signature. The weapons cache should be SURROUNDED on all
sides, except perhaps on the bottom of the cache by other things which have magnetic signatures. It should NOT be
placed UNDER a bunch of junk, but SURROUNDED on the SIDES, TOP, and maybe the bottom. In other words, a
lot of the junk should be buried in dirt, gravel, or whatever. Since bulldozers may be brought in to dig things up, you
should make appropriate provision for this as well.”
Excerpt from Caching for Survival
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Caching for Survival - Comprehensive Caching Techniques