Intelligence E Books For Sale
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CIA E Books For Sale
CIA E-Books
CIA Analysts, an Expose
How CIA Analysts Sabotage US Intelligence

CIA Deception Maxims
The Central Intelligence Agency's Approach to Deception

CIA Lock Picking
Operative Training Manual

CIA Secrets
Inside the CIA

Espionage Manual #15 - Tricking the CIA
Soviet Moles & Deceptions

Espionage Manual # 28 - CIA in the Orient
CIA Weakness Exploited: 1959-2005

Espionage Manual # 29 - CIA Research Mindset
CIA Escapist Thinking

Espionage Manual # 31 - Commie Spies, US Traitors
Red Espionage and Leftist Traitors

Espionage Manual # 35 - Inside Russian Espionage
Russian Defectors' Revelations

Espionage Manual # 38 - Double Agent Operations and
CIA Amateurism
US vs. Soviet Double Agent Management

Espionage Spycraft
A Spy’s Introductory Guide

Exposing American Intelligence
Muslim Report on US Intelligence

HUMINT and War
HUMINT Concepts and Tactics

Mirror Imaging
The CIA's Espionage Psychology

Secret Document Access
Spy Flaps and Seals Manual

Spy Report, KGB
A CIA Agent Neutralized

Tradecraft Primer: US Intelligence
CIA Amateur Methods Replace HUMINT

Traitors in the CIA
Traditional Incompetence or Disloyalty?
Intelligence E Books For Sale
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage
This category is packed with many e-books about the US
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The e-books are fearless in
that they reveal the truths about the CIA. Our readers will be
shocked to learn that the CIA does not place intelligence
collection at the top of its priority list along with dozens of
other equally shocking facts about the CIA In fact the CIA is
the spy agency that does little spying . In our e-books you
will find out what the CIA really does.
Reveals All There is
To Know About The
A terrible record of
intelligence failure has
plagued the CIA for
decades. Years of
espionage research,
footnoted in several
QuikManeuvers books,
trace those serpentine
failures with startlingly
explicit evidence.

A Byzantine underworld of
complex psychological
factors constricts CIA
operations. That snarled
and twisted underworld is a
tangled skein whose
mirrored finish reveals the
US intelligence community
as a grotesque facade,
masking a coterie of
ineffective bureaucratic
cliques. Those cliques
exhibit several irrelevant
and bizarre mindsets, not
the least of which is
CIA E-Books For Sale
CIA Analysts, Bureaucratic Failures
CIA Psychology - Mirror Imaging