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CIA Secrets, Inside the Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Secrets
“Veteran CIA operations officers warn that the public would be shocked to learn how few real secrets are actually
dug up by “CIA spies.” They say that many years of bureaucratic rot, subversion, corrosion and corruption, hidden
from successive dumbed-down administrations, Congress, and the public, have created a Frankensteinian
bureaucracy. The CIA has made the fraudulence of decades past now standard operating procedures, lowered
standards and eroded the, never more than shallow and temporary, effectiveness of America's spy service. Even
apologists for the CIA’s Operations Directorate concede that it has no officers in places where America needs them
most, and that too few of the CIA's officers even speak the languages of the countries where they are assigned.”
There are hundreds of books available about the Central Intelligence
. Over 98% of them reveal nothing that is useful to a reader who
wants to
understand the real CIA. That is no accident. The CIA works
much harder on controlling
publicity about the CIA than it ever has worked
on intelligence gathering. In fact, the CIA has many “friends” embedded within
major American book publishers, who insure that really accurate hard-hitting
books about the
Central Intelligence Agency never reach the bookstores.
That is why QuikManeuvers has decided to start producing a few, short but
sensationally accurate and punitive books, loaded with
incisive information
about the Central Intelligence Agency
Inside the CIA
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178 pages; 17 chapters, 3 appendixes,
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Excerpt from CIA Secrets
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CIA Secrets
Our files, and our books, reveal that not only is the CIA a treasonous abomination, but it is also a sham. We call the truth
about the US Central Intelligence Agency
, CIA Secrets. The fact is that the ignorance of so many Americans about the
true nature of the CIA is an even greater secret. If you add to that ignorance the constant stream of disinformation and self-
serving propaganda spread by CIA stooges and approved establishment writers, then you have an ugly witches’ brew of
confusion that only hard men with clear minds can sort out.
CIA secrets are legion, not because of CIA security procedures but because the public is oblivious to them. Annually book
after book is produced “about the CIA.” Each promises something to the readers. Yet none provide anything more than time
worn and shallow CIA cliché stories, no secrets are revealed. Almost none of the available books about the CIA are critical of
the CIA because the
writers are ignorant of what goes on inside the CIA. CIA Secrets reveals many, but hardly all, of
the myriad of sleazy bureaucratic malfunctions that compose that most treacherous and incompetent edifice of arrogant neo