Top Real Estate Companies in Singapore as Of 2017

Let’s begin with, what is real estate business? The answer is quite simple. Any business venture that is into dealing with properties is known as real estate business. So what’s exactly is the portfolio of a real estate company? Real estate companies do everything that comes under the purview of property business. They are involved in buying and selling of properties they are involved in property marketing, the act as property developers and they also act as an agency between potential buyers and sellers. These are a few things in the large list of things that they are doing on a regular basis.

Real Estate Companies

Real Estate in Singapore:

Singapore is one of the best places in the world to carry out real estate activities. The economy and its residents are designed in such a way that they are engaged a lot in the property market. The people of Singapore have always found it promising to venture into the property market with no harm. This is the reason why there is always a boom in the real estate markets of Singapore. The potential and active real estate investors in Singapore with no doubt have seen a cool multiplication of profits as much as three-fold of their investment.

So here are some of the top real estate companies in Singapore.

Huttons Real Estate Group:

The Hutton Group has founded only a decade and a half ago in the year 2002. But has seen tremendous growth and has surpassed almost all the other leading real estate companies in Singapore. They have expanded themselves internationally with over 3000 consultants all over the world. This helps them enjoy a global-level investor base and consumer base.

Frasers Centerpoint Limited:

Second on our list is Frasers Centerpoint limited and it is one of the oldest real companies in Singapore that was founded in the year 1963. They have spread their wings globally and have their branches set in almost 80 cities in the Asian and European sectors. The company’s growth has seen no fluctuations and has always shown upward inclination.

Orange Tee Real Estate Agency:

Orange Tee Real Estate Agency primarily focusses on providing the best consultancy services to customers. With a lot of extensive research, they are able to provide their customers with the nest real estate solutions and help them buy properties that reap benefits. It is one of the fast growing real estate companies in Singapore that has gained a reputation on the global platform.

Wheelock Properties:

Wheelock Properties is the oldest of all establishments on the list. It was founded in the year 1923 and takes care of property development and various other investment decision making in the real estate markets of Hong Kong. Wheelock and Company Limited is the holding company of Wheelock Properties both based in Singapore.

City Developments Limited:

City Developments Limited, despite having seen a tough competition has managed to earn a name for itself in the Singapore property markets. As of 2017, it is found to be the best real estate company in Singapore that serves a large consumer base in the global platform as well.

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