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Espionage Manual 11 - International Spy Tradecraft
Espionage Manual 11 - International Spy Tradecraft
Foreign Spy Methods
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169 pages, 15 chapters and 1 appendix
QuikManeuvers’ Espionage Manuals primarily focus on soviet spy net and agent
, in that the majority of the manuals deal with the soviet brand of espionage.
Espionage Manual # 11 – International Spy Tradecraft provides information of two
types. The
tradecraft of four foreign nations is discussed, and the general aspects
of tradecraft
that is used in all nations is also described. Naturally, when talking about
British MI-6, the Israeli Mossad, the Indian United Service Institute, and the East German
Stasi, one would expect certain differences of an idiosyncratic nature. That is why in this
book the discussion of the above
four nations’ tradecraft is followed by a general
discussion of the component spy tradecraft elements common to all.
Review Table of Contents
“The facts and figures of East German foreign intelligence operations in Western Europe make for impressive, not
to say depressing, reading. The Stasi, the Main Directorate for Intelligence (HVA), which was the foreign intelligence
service of the Ministry for State Security (MfS), recruited 20,000 to 30,000 agents in West Germany during the Cold
War. It was a kind of stealth weapon that wreaked its havoc without leaving so much as a trace of its presence. The
German counterintelligence authorities estimate that the Stasi provided 80 percent of all Warsaw Pact intelligence
on NATO and its member states. Former Soviet intelligence officers have proclaimed the Stasi the best of the Soviet
bloc services, "even better than the KGB," said Oleg Gordievsky, a former KGB officer. The KGB residency in East
Berlin-Karlshorst was the largest in the world; it produced as much intelligence as an entire directorate back in
Moscow thanks to East German efforts. But none of this was known in the West until after the Berlin Wall had fallen.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #11 - International Spy Tradecraft
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