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Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration
Espionage Manual 20 - Double Agents & Penetration
Aspects of Agent Handling
© 2007
109 pages, 9 chapters
Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration is an intriguing e-book
double agents. Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration
includes interesting material on every aspect of
double agent tradecraft. Most
interesting is its treatment of
double agent management, penetration, exposure
of double agents, moles and double agents and the double cross system
Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration is both a valuable
introduction to
double agent tradecraft and a sensational expose of little known
facts about that esoteric modality.
Review Table of Contents
“In 1973, another suspected Soviet mole within the CIA, William Colby, became director of the CIA. Colby rapidly freed
Nosenko, gave him a large amount of American taxpayer funded "back pay," and closed down all Golitsyn-initiated
investigations. Then Colby fired Angleton, gutted CIA counterintelligence and promoted the Soviet, Nosenko, to CIA
counterintelligence trainer.
In 1977, Colby sent Soviet defector Nikolai Shadrin to Vienna to meet with KGB operative "Igor." Shadrin never returned
from Vienna where he was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by counterespionage agents of the Soviet Union.
Angleton had warned Colby, before he was fired, that Shadrin should give doctored information to Igor, and "...never
meet him outside of North America...” Angleton had seen through the KGB's desire to revenge themselves on Shadrin.
When Igor first volunteered to give away Soviet secrets in 1965, he stipulated as his condition that a notional pretense
that he had recruited Shadrin be established.  Thereafter, Igor insisted upon meeting with Shadrin for the exchange of
information. Angleton had correctly perceived Igor's game as preparation for a strike against Shadrin. Colby, being less
scrupulous, didn’t hesitate to sacrifice the anti-communist defector to a Soviet death squad.
When anti-Semitic President Jimmy Carter brought the pro-Soviet Admiral Turner in as CIA Director in 1980, the pogrom
against CIA mole hunters was intensified. Immediately, President Carter signed into law Public Law 96-450, an act which
provided money, reinstatement and promotion to every CIA employee who had been fired or demoted because of
disloyalty. At the same time, Admiral Turner circulated a letter of apology to all pro-Soviet CIA personnel who had
previously run afoul of CIA counterespionage. The strange Turner also ensured that millions of taxpayer dollars were
conduited to numerous CIA security risks, many of whom have never been cleared of wrongdoing or treason.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #20 - Double Agents & Penetration
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