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Espionage Manual #22 - Soviet Spy Purges
Espionage Manual 22 - Soviet Spy Purges
Purges Effect on Soviet Spying
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67 pages, 7 chapters
Espionage Manual 22 - Soviet Spy Purges brings to the fore a shocking
pattern of bizarre communist spy behaviors that occurred periodically in the
1930s and 40s. In this case, the focus is upon
Soviet spy purges that occurred
in the 1930s. Those purges, which consisted of the torture and imprisonment of
thousands and the execution of hundreds of
Soviet secret service
in waves of Stalinist terror, were irrational expressions of tyrannical
paranoia. Those
Soviet spy purges totally wiped out the vast bulk of both
Soviet secret service agencies (NKVD and GRU) in a short period of time.
Compounding the situation was the fact that although each wave of purges
effectively wiped out
Soviet intelligence gathering capabilities, the Soviets
resiliently sprang back each time. Time after time
Soviet intelligence was
wiped out. But each time
Soviet intelligence was turned into mounds of rotting
corpses, the agencies recruited and trained new battalions of spies, and put
them on the streets in a remarkably short time. To beat it all, those fresh
echelons of
Soviet spies were nearly as effective as some western intelligence
agencies and more effective than others. The reasons for the effectiveness of
spy agencies made up of fresh recruits will astound the reader especially when
it is remembered that the US OSS and CIA have failed to be competent for
sixty-six years, regardless of the experience of their long term personnel.
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“Like all communist states, the USSR was a living contradiction. It spent billions on a strong military and successful
intelligence apparatus that sustained a political system that was illogical, while its citizenry scraped by on the edge of
starvation. That system was based on an economic ideology which was a proven failure.
The Soviet’s eventual possession of nuclear arms was part of what kept it afloat in much the same way as North
Korea today. Those nuclear arms were used to carry out nuclear blackmail by the Soviets then, the North Koreans
now and the Iranians in the future. Nuclear blackmail is a source of massive international payoffs by decadent
nations like the USA. Nuclear blackmail is quite lucrative and feeds the police state’s starving subjects (slaves) just
enough to keep them compliant.
However, the use of blackmail by tyrannies who force other nations to pay the overhead costs of their continuance,
is not enough. They also need powerful secret police agencies to terrorize and maintain subjugation of the
populace. In fact, secret police agencies are critically important to the survival of any tyranny. What holds tyrannies
together is the maintenance of several powerful intelligence agencies that are loyal to the dictatorship. Periodic
purges are used to keep such agencies loyal. It was like that in the 1930s and it’s the same in 2007.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #22 - Soviet Spy Purges
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