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Espionage Manual #32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling
Espionage Manual 32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling
How To Set-Up a Spy Agency
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190 pages, 18 chapters
Have you ever wondered what it would take to set-up an effective spy agency? What is
essential? Certainly the USA has never answered, much less implemented,  that perplexing
question. What is needed is a “how-to” manual describing how it should be done.
QuikManeuvers.com has provided that how-to manual designed as a blueprint for
and managing an effective spy agency
. It’s all there in Espionage Manual #32 - Spy
Tradecraft & Agent Handling
. The most essential aspects of establishing an effective
spy agency are not tons of money or the reckless recruitment of hordes of young leftist
college graduates. The true essence of such an endeavor is explained in the e-book
Espionage Manual #32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling. In fact, the establishment
of an
effective spy agency requires a combination of human factors intrinsically related to
the requirements of
effective espionage that are explained in Espionage Manual #32 -
Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling
. If the reader wants to know the essence of spy
tradecraft and agent handling
implied in the sobriquet “how to set-up a spy agency”
then it is all there in
Espionage Manual #32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling.
Review Table of Contents
"What is a spy leader? What does it take to establish and lead an effective spy agency? Certainly the American Central
Intelligence Agency has wasted a million billion dollars in recent decades without ever implementing the answers to such
All espionage organizations should be very concerned about adversarial intentions and capabilities.  Capabilities are
resource-based possibilities, or what an adversary can do. Intentions, stemming from the motivations of leadership, are
what an adversary plans to do. What the enemy actually does is a separate reality. Some observers claim that American
intelligence has foundered because it has proven itself unable to navigate between the twin shoals of capabilities and
Naturally the best way to anticipate enemy intentions is by obtaining secrets from sources within the highest levels of the
enemy leadership. Attempts to forecast enemy intentions without adequate information are bound to fail. It is very
dangerous to try to apply, even the highest intellect, to a forecasting role based upon distorted and fragmentary data. It
is one thing to have actual hard data on what will happen and quite another to manufacture such data by mirror-imaging.
The two primary purposes of maneuver espionage are: to obtain enemy or competitor secrets and recruit agents from
their ranks. In order to accomplish those inter-related missions, espionage teams must go where they are likely to meet
individuals who they may suborn. They must be willing to rapidly mass against any enemy vulnerability and provide
strong support to their most successful comrades. Spies who recruit the most agents and steal the most secret
documents become the spearheads of espionage teams, which exist to support and exploit strength. Most espionage
operative will not be rated as the best as measured by their achievements. It is their job to support the best agents.
Espionage leadership exists to ensure that the system operates like that."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 32 - Spy Tradecraft & Agent Handling
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