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FBI Treason Conspiracy - Muslim Terrorist Subversion in the FBI
FBI Treason Conspiracy
“Even as the FBI takes new heat over the 9-11 report's revelation that it overlooked ties between a Muslim cleric and
two of the al-Qaeda hijackers, it is putting agents and new recruits through a
Muslim sensitivity program that includes
inviting Muslim clerics and leaders to preach about the allegedly peaceful attributes of Islam.
National Arab-American and
Muslim leaders have made presentations at an FBI training course on civil rights
, and at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va., as part of "Enrichment Training Sessions" for new special agents there.
In addition, the imam of a large Manhattan mosque has lectured veteran counter terrorism investigators at the FBI's
New York field office about misinterpretation of the meaning of jihad in the Koran, the sacred book of Muslims.
FBI pro-muslim sensitivity training program, denounced by some active and former agents, was mandated last
year by FBI Director Robert Mueller.
FBI headquarters defends the program as a way to reach out to the Muslim community in America.
"I hate the word 'sensitivity' training," said FBI spokesman Ed Cogswell. "I would call it an awareness training relative to
cultural issues."
Other criminal elements who have targeted American citizenry, including the Mafia, have not been the beneficiaries of
an entire network of incestuous allied activities and information exchanges such as that erected by Mueller and his
leftist clique.”
FBI Treason Conspiracy seems like a strange combination of words. However,
FBI is, in 2006, a US government agency that is the enemy of the American
. Under its notorious director, who some have nicknamed Gestapo Mueller,
Federal Bureau of Investigation has since 9-11 become a defender of
international muslim terrorism expansionism
. Muslim terrorist front groups
have a major influence on FBI policy, which claims that there is no
muslim terrorist threat, and what America must fear is white middle-class
FBI incompetence is well masked by constant efforts by the
leftist media to
depict the FBI as a super-effective agency, able to outsmart
serial killers, right-wing terrorists, and aliens from outer space. Hollywood and the
Federal Bureau of
Investigation refuse to even acknowledge
that there is a muslim terrorist threat. Every day, all over
the country, a large percentage of
FBI time is spent in sensitivity groups where agents are brainwashed and
re-educated to
become pro-muslim. The left in Congress has repeatedly thwarted continuous efforts to
disband or
reform the FBI. In the meantime, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has expanded its
treasonous links
with muslim terrorism, and has begun to backstab other, more effective federal agencies,
by accusing them of being too hard on
muslim terrorist prisoners. FBI Treason Conspiracy provides
precise evidence of
FBI treason.
Muslim Subversion and FBI Treachery
© 2006
360 pages; 19 chapters and 9 appendixes
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Federal Bureau of Investigation Treason Conspiracy