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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
Finnish Army Battle Tactics, Units
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326 pages; 22 chapters and 6 appendix
They were mostly workers with a sprinkling of middle class people who huddled in the
frozen ditches, and were marked by their uniforms as
Finnish Army soldiers. Many
had never been outside their home village, and were shocked at the hundreds, perhaps
thousands of Soviet tanks and trucks that advanced along the snow covered
highways into Father Finland. Somehow, those small groups of
Finnish warriors
stopped the Soviet juggernaut
, broke it up into fragments, and mopped up the
remnants with knives and machine pistols. They were
equipped with World War I
, and depended upon the booty they took off the Soviet dead to sustain their
war. But, they proved that a homogenous European force, led by hardened warrior
generals, could prevail against great odds. For them, victory was not the end of war,
but a
transition to the Continuation War, and there were blood debts to be paid.
Finnish Army Continuation War is an e-book oriented towards reconstructing the
concept of the
Finnish Army in World War II as a warfighting Gestalt. The amazing
variety of combat units fielded by a nation of only 4 million people was nearly double the
number of such units that Finland should have been able to mobilize. The units
described in
Finnish Army Continuation War were effective to a degree unheard of in
other armies. People who read about the
Finnish Army don’t understand how such a
small force killed nearly a million
Soviets in World War II. Finnish Army
Continuation War
answers such questions, and many more, as it affords the reader a
new perspective on the
Finnish Army.
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“Two miles to the south and parallel to the real road occupied by the main body of the Russians the Finns set to work to
build a " winter road." They cut down the trees to a width of some thirty yards and then through hosepipes brought water
from under the ice of the nearest lake, submerging tree-stumps with a surface of smooth ice one foot deep, along which
their ski patrols could pass with extreme rapidity. Wherever it was necessary, side-paths were cut towards the Russians
on the permanent highway two miles to the north.
All this was done without the slightest suspicion being aroused among the communist enemy. The Finns were suddenly
able to race up and down parallel to the stranded Bolshevik columns for several miles. Rolling in from their ice road
connectors the Finns attacked the huddled reds when and where they decided. In the very same forest, which had
immobilized the Soviet forces, the Finns by unsuspected means had achieved a shattering mobility. The Finns rushed
their machine-guns and anti-tank guns, mounted on a sort of iceboat, up and down the forest, attacked and were off
again before the enemy could reply. Behind they were piles of smoldering Soviet corpses.”
Excerpt from Finnish Army Continuation War
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Finnish Army Continuation War
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Finnish Army Continuation War