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French SS Division Charlemagne - Valiant French SS Combat, WW2
French SS Division Charlemagne
Valiant French SS Combat, WW2
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222 pages; 16 chapters, 1 special report, and 4 appendices
French SS Division Charlemagne describes a phenomenon of WW2 that the
history establishment has always smothered with biased deception. It is the
saga of tens of thousands conquered Frenchmen volunteering to fight in the
most dangerous circumstances as member of the German Wehrmacht that
conquered France. For over 40 years America’s history bigots successfully kept
any knowledge of what really happened in
WW2 France from the scrutiny of the
American people. Yet, Historical Revisionism has battered down much of the US
history establishment’s liar curtain. Rigorous research enabled QuikManeuvers.
com to produce a hefty and exciting battle e-book about the
33rd Waffen SS
. The WW2 French SS Division Charlemagne was composed of
totally French volunteers and over 30,000 Frenchmen served in it during the
course of the war.
French SS Division Charlemagne is the story of the actual
events that shaped the genesis and valor of the
French SS Division
. The reader will learn what really occurred in France in the
1930s and 1940s. Many readers will undoubtedly be surprised to learn that the
majority of Frenchmen shared Germany’s much maligned ideology. Thousands
of brave Frenchmen, liberated by the German invasion, refused to remain
under the yoke of an Obama-style, communist police state.
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“On June 22, 1941, the very same day that Germany’s preemptive surprise attack against invading USSR armies was
announced, French patriots clamored to join the anti-Bolshevik Crusade.  Jacques Doriot (1898-1945, Iron cross 1943),
leader of the PPF, Parti Populaire Francais (French Popular Party, the most active of all the French patriotic
organizations) launched the idea of a Legion of French volunteers to help Germany in fighting the Red Army and world
On June 23, French patriotic leader Marcel Deat, met Otto Abetz, the Ambassador of the 3rd Reich in France, to discuss
the thousands of French volunteers wanting to fight on the Eastern Front. Abetz reported to Berlin and received on July
5,  telegram No. 3555 from the Counselor Ritter, which soon arrived and confirmed the approval of German Foreign
Minister Von Ribbentrop.
From July 1941 to June 1942, 53,000 French volunteers applied from the occupied zone alone, requesting the right to
fight for Germany. Only about half of them were accepted by the tough selection team composed of German military
The first French combat unit  (fully armed and equipped) reached Deba in Poland, in September 1941. The first arriving
(previously French-army trained and experienced) 3,500 volunteers were organized into two infantry battalions and
several regimental units were created. The first LVF commander was Colonel Roger Labonne (1881-1966), experienced
former commander of a French colonial army unit, the RICM. The new French volunteer unit was registered by the
Wehrmacht as the French 638th Infantry Regiment.”
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Excerpt from French SS Division Charlemagne
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French SS Division Charlemagne - Valiant French SS Combat, WW2
French SS Division Charlemagne reveals precisely truthful historic facts that are so sensational, that some Americans
cannot bear to read those facts. Weirdly, some Americans who do read such facts immediately exhibit a conditioned knee jerk
reflex, claiming that truths are lies, and fall back on willful suppression to smother that painful truth. Refusing to examine the
evidence, some readers even lapse into extreme denial, refusing to read any history in fear that the edifice of ugly lies
hammered into them by the Marxist media will be blown away by the breath of freedom. That is the slave behavior expected of
most serfs held captive in any police state. Yet the truth will stand, even if it must claw itself up out of a mass grave. The truth
WW2 France is supported by the historical facts in French SS Division Charlemagne. Readers who are tough
enough to look reality in the face, will be flabbergasted by what is verifiably revealed in
French SS Division Charlemagne.
The heroism of French militarism, displayed so well by the
French SS Division Charlemagne on the Eastern Front, is not
treated lightly in this unique manuscript of hope and valor.