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German Army 101st Light Division
German Army 101st Light Division
101st Jager Division 1941-42
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243 pages; 27 chapters and 3 appendices
German Army 101st Light Division is an e-book that describes the tactical
maneuvers and combat outcomes of the
German Army 101st Light Division
as it participated in Operation Barbarossa from June 22, 1941.
German Army
101st Light Division
explains the victories and setbacks of the 101st Light
as it battled towards Kharkov where it was joined by the 57th Infantry
Division in the first Battle of Kharkov. The
German Army 101st Light Division
proved to be very capable in all forms of urban combat as it conquered one
Soviet town or city, after another, on the road from Prymls to Kharkov.
Review Table of Contents
“The main purpose of the German Jäger Divisions was to fight in adverse terrain where smaller, coordinated units were
more facilely combat capable than the brute force offered by the standard infantry divisions. The Jäger divisions were
more heavily equipped than mountain division, but not as well-armed as a larger infantry division. In the early stages of
the war, they were the interface divisions fighting in rough terrain and foothills as well as urban areas, between the
mountains and the plains. As the 100th Light Division demonstrated at Rostov in 1941, Jäger infantry was very lethal in
urban combat as the mounds of NKVD infantry dead, so amply illustrated.
The Jägers (means “hunters” in German) relied on a high degree of training, and slightly superior communications, as
well as their not inconsiderable artillery support. In the middle stages of the war, as the standard infantry divisions
were down sized, the Jäger model with two infantry regiments came to dominate the standard tables of organization.
In 1943, Hitler declared that all infantry divisions were now Grenadier Divisions except for his elite Jäger and Mountain
Jaeger divisions. There was no substitute for their warfighting esprit.”
Excerpt from German Army 101st Light Division
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German Army 101st Light Division