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When most people pick up a book about some aspect of
military history, what they get is a frequently dull description of
what happened. A very small part of the book will be devoted
to military analysis - why something happened, but what are
described are the usual reasons offered up by every other
writer of the same genre. QuikManeuvers has a different kind
of staff; we look deeper, and we give the reader more. Our
books offer in-depth portraits of the antagonists, how they
thought/think, their goals, incompetencies, ignorances, biases,
mistakes, and achievements. We take processes and
situations that have been made purposely more complex by
jargon, fuzzy thinking sources, and obfuscation and simplify
them. We explain how and why things happen at the strategic,
operational, and tactical levels.  

Such military analysis and explanations require more than
the usual historian brings to the table.

Our credentials include multiple degrees in history,
graduate degrees in psychology, as well as training
and experience in special
forces warfare to include
intelligence, counter insurgency, unconventional warfare,
psychological operations, as well as command and
staff work at the battalion level and above.

Our experiences range from conventional warfare to
guerrilla warfare, and the training and leading of
mercenary and underground units.

We’re expert at the operational art and maneuver warfare,
and can discuss, with precision, topics ranging from
Napoleon’s warfighting to IRA interrogation tactics,
and from the psychology of
al-Qaida to the
command of Panzer divisions.
1.   Intelligence is
Every warrior is a
scout, constantly
seeking information
on the enemy.
2.   There are no rules in
war, except the
imperative to do
anything to win.
3.   Deception, reflexive
control, and terror
must mark our
progress; confusing
and intimidating the
4.   Desant warfare is an
integral part of every
5.   Shock action, tempo,
and quick maneuver
will characterize all
form of combat.
6.   Any traitors, whether
intentional or
inadvertent, will be
interrogated and
7.   The media will not be
allowed to sabotage
the war effort, nor
erode public and
military morale.
8.   Security: as much
attention will be given
to the enemy within as
to the enemy without.
9.   No humanitarian or
other aid will be given
o any foreign nation
that does not support
the national objectives
of the USA.
10.  Jobs and other
perks will be reserved
strictly for American
citizens. All         
immigration as well
as foreign ownership
of American real
estate will be
will be deported and
their property seized,
sold, and the
proceeds given to
America’s poor.
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QuikManeuvers Military History and Military Analysis
"Wars in every period have independent forms and
independent conditions
and therefore every period must have its
independent theory of war."
-       Von Clausewitz

"... orthodox armies, may, due to changes
in the situation,
temporarily function as guerrillas."
-        Mao Tse Tung

"The cheapest and most effective means of waging
war is the DED way...
Deception, Espionage, Desant."
-        Breaker McCoy
Dedicated to providing excellent
military analysis and military
history about war and spying in
the modern era.
My e-books are totally
unique, introducing
data, analysis and
ideas found nowhere

I am a maneuver
warfighting theorist       
and expert at the
Operational Arts.

My work is based upon
research, a firm
foundation in military
arts and clear insight
into modern warfare.

Some of it is
experiential; none of it
is experimental.
QuikManeuvers doesn’t just sell books
on military history, our heavily
researched military analysis of war and
the armies that fight them are uniquely
presented in a user-friendly fashion.
QuikManeuvers’ publications are
relatively free of obfuscating military
jargon. Our books about the war on
terrorism, for example, focus upon the
psychology of special forces operations
and guerrilla warfare presented in a user-
friendly fashion. However, we also sell
books that include chapters dealing with
same subject matter, from different
angles, and with different spins. In
general, QuikManeuvers’ books deal with
military and espionage research and
analysis. We provide you with
information you can find nowhere else.
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QuikManeuvers.com in the only publisher in the world that publicly announces
dissatisfaction with so-called history as it is presented in the media, by book and
newspaper publishers, and on the internet. It is obvious that a dominant set of
misconceptions, ignorant analysis, and ideological bias has swerved history into
a Cultural Marxist direction. QuikManuvers.com is unique because its editors
and writers reject such preliterate propaganda as misinformation and
disinformation circulated in order to reinforce the control of Communist - Islamic -
Minority Supremacy, as the new world order.
As Breaker McCoy points out, "Our investigative
reporters and their sources have enabled us to break through so many leftist
bodyguards of deceit, and then bring to light the truth about so many patterns
reflected in historiography, now and yesterday."

QuikManeuvers.com specializes in the historical era, which can be defined as the era
of “Marxist-Minority Supremacist Ascension to world power,” 1920 until now.
QuikManeuvers.com focuses upon the two main categories of force employed by
Marxist-Minority Supremacist ideologues and their minions to extinguish any signs of
enlightened freedom in the world: Warfighting and Maneuver Espionage (which
includes subversion).
Why QuikManeuvers.com is a Very Unique Publisher in the World
QuikManeuvers.com reports history by focusing upon how certain events were conceived, planned, and
executed. Through historical evidence, explanations are given of details of the methods and tactics used, so
that readers can learn how to execute such processes themselves. QuikManeuvers.com's historic work does
NOT consist of rambling overviews punctuated by plebian “human interest” anecdotes and overwhelmed with
hundreds of period photographs. QuikManeuvers.com's historic documentation is of the mind, the word, the
map, and the chart, so that all can understand it.
QuikManeuvers.com's e-books frequently read like
expert intelligence reports, wherein simplicity is a
virtue, which objectively report and analyze the
efforts of both sides of a war, battle, or espionage
conflict. QuikManeuvers.com's writers and editos
spell out who was loyal and who was a traitor, who
was skilled and who was incompetent. As always,
whoever is reported on is discussed without the
bias found in America’s Politically Correct history.
Through such efforts QuikManeuvers.com offers
readers sensational historic discoveries, and
information or conclusions that they may never
thought about before.
QuikManeuvers.com is a warrior publishing effort. Breaker McCoy says,
"Our writing is a martial art and we are blazing a trail of victory as our honesty liberates the minds of
thousands, or at least teaches them how to think as hard, ruthless adversaries.
Join our adventure."
QuikManeuvers.com offers over nearly 500 original e-books. Many define the superior methodology of
communist style Maneuver Espionage, which spearheaded and reinforced world wide military conquest and
terrorism during the 20th and 21st Centuries. As a result of such forces, freedom-loving masses of the world,
especially the most freedom-loving group, Anglo-Europeans and their progeny, have been deprived of their
freedom by one way or another. Marxist-Minority Supremacy is the modern face of feudalism, which now
struggles to enslave the world once again.