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Middle East Conflict
Continuing to be the main
hotbed of terrorist activity, we
are continuing our research on
this area, and the groups that
base their activities there, and
highlighting successes and
failures in combating terrorism.
International Politics
The political and economic
shifts that occur make our world
ripe for a major upheaval in the
near future.
QuikManeuvers Publications on Modern War and Combating Terrorism
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QuikManeuvers Publications on Modern War and Combating Terrorism
Quik Maneuvers Publications
Spy Technology
It helps, hinders, alters, and
increases the level of
proficiency of some military
and intelligence organizations.
We are watching and hoping to
inform our readers of the
advantages and
disadvantages uncovered by
use and misuse of
technological advances.
Modern War Combating Terrorism
History of Modern War
As the adage goes: "Those
that ignore history are doomed
to repeat it".  Historical facts
can prove invaluable if
presented accurately and
understandably.  Attain little
known facts and analysis
about modern war.
The purpose of this web site is to offer publications and books, some of which may be considered controversial in nature. In
exercising our right to free speech, we offer these books, which our authors have written as a result of their investigative research.
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International Politics
Middle East Conflict
Hitler in Leningrad
Quik Manuevers offers a variety of publications on modern war. But, our publications cover a spectrum
of topics ranging from international politics of the Hitler era to combating terrorism in the Middle East
conflicts of today. We don’t just offer publications that describe modern war, such as Hitler’s conquest
of Leningrad in World War 2, but we also offer FREE
newsletters on the Middle East Conflict,
Combating Terrorism, International Politics, Spy Technology products, and History of Modern War.
Publishers of Electronic Books on Warfighting and Espionage