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Snipers E Books For Sale
Snipers E-Books
Combat Silencers        
Tactical Stealth Operations

Combat Snipers        
How to Become a Better Sniper Through Superior Tactics

Deadly Snipers        
Sniper Lethality & Protection

Death by Precision Fire        
The World War 2 German Army Sniper

Dominant Snipers        
Snipers in Urban Combat

Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Best Sniper Rifle in the World

Japanese Army Snipers        
Imperial Japanese Army Snipers, World War II

Lee’s Assault Sniper Elite
Confederate Army Sharpshooter Battalions

Muslim Snipers, Iraq        
Islamic Sniper Propaganda

Precision Fire Sniper Kill        
German Versus British Snipers, World War II

Red Army Sniper Tactics        
Red Army Precision Fire Manual

Resistance Close Combat and Combat Sniping
The 22 Caliber Rifle in Close Combat and Combat Sniping

Soviet Sniperism        
Red Army Snipers on the East Front
African Wars E Books For Sale
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The Snipers e-book category
focuses upon sniping from World War I through 2008.
Our militarily experienced investigative researchers
have provided both excellent how-to information and
especially useful facts unobtaininable anywhere else in
the world. Snipers is a category that includes aspects of
sniping that are ignored or suppressed for political
reasons throughout America. Get aboard the Snipers
train AND TAKE A TRIP TO REALITY. But look out, there
is hot lead zinging from all directions.
Snipers E Books For Sale
Snipers E Books For Sale