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Swamp Survival - Survival in Wetland Swamp and Marsh
Swamp Survival
Survival in Wetland Swamp and Marsh
© 2012
278 pages; 14 chapters and 5 appendices
Swamp Survival is the hardest of all survival situations, except
survival on the ocean. Yet there is not one comprehensive book
extant on
Swamp Survival, and QuikManeuvers.com has picked up
the gauntlet. Not only is the e-book
Swamp Survival the only
comprehensive e-book on all aspects of
swamp survival, but it also
covers elements of
swamp survival that are unlikely. However, over
90% of
Swamp Survival deals with the prospect of one man, alone, on
foot, trapped in a morbidly sinister
swamp, seeking survival in the most
dangerous situations possible.
swamp survivalist is beset with every discomfort and danger
mobilized by both nature and human poisoners, such as
lumberjacks and
swamp nuclear waste dumpers. You are invited to
participate in an adventure of discovery in the image-packed chapters of
Swamp Survival. It the only authoritative guide available in a world which
has never before entertained rigorously researched information on the most
daunting challenge accepted by any
survivalist, swamp survival.
Review Table of Contents
“The Swamp is one of the most inhospitable places on earth where people try to survive. The complexity of swamp survival
is an entire matrix of problems: chaotic terrain, an abundance of danger from every ecological strata, the most ugly and
fiendish of animals, snakes, fish, plants and water, the dominance of midges, mosquitoes, deer flies, and chiggers plague
a man day and night, the high humidity makes it difficult to dry materials for a fire, in a sinister ecosystem of rancid rotting
water everywhere, there is a lack of water suitable for drinking, maximal difficulties with the acquisition and production of
food are compounded by the omnipresence of poisonous fumes and sometimes even radioactivity ;  yet that terrible
atmosphere is frequently made into an impassible labyrinth by unscrupulous lumbermen, where it is difficult to find a dry,
safe place to rest.“
Excerpt from Swamp Survival
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Swamp Survival - Survival in Wetland Swamp and Marsh