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Military Re-enactments Information
Attention Military War Re-Enactors
Quikmaneuvers’ publications have the facts that re-enactors need. We specialize in armed
struggles between 1939 and 2006. Within our books re-enactors can find complete details about
the organization, tactics, and weapons of many different warring antagonists. We also provide
special studies for re-enactors. If you want to know what the uniforms precisely looked like that
were worn by the German and Japanese Armies and Air Forces during World War 2, we can
provide color studies. We can also provide information on World War 2 specialty badges and
insignias of rank. Our material could include clear directions and color drawings illustrating how to
wear a variety of decorations and awards of the German Army and Waffen SS.
We can also provide color reports on the Soviet,
Chinese Communist, Hungarian, Rumanian,
Bulgarian, North Korean, North Vietnamese, and East
German Armies of the Warsaw Pact Era. In addition,
we can provide much of the same type of information
on communist armies that we provide on the German
Army of World War 2.

We have tables of organization and equipment for the
above named forces, as well as the 1980s era
Rhodesian ands South African Armies, World War 2
US Army, Specialized Soviet (behind the lines)
formations, Ski Troops, Horse Cavalry, and many
other armies and units. Just ask, and we will tell you if
we have it.

If you need certain types of information, please
contact us for a quote on a specialized report.      
      E-mail to info (at) quikmaneuvers (dot) com
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