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What to expect from the latest Project in Bugis – The M

With the official announcement from the developer, The M is a newly conceptualized project that provides you with a residential living within the city, and free from all the morning and evening rush hour traveling. Proudly developed by Wing Tai Holdings, it is guaranteed to offer you an exciting living experience, one that you won’t be able to forget.

It is built with the residents in mind, and a lavish living lifestyle for the young millennials. Located in one of the most commercialized area in the city centre – Bugis district, this is an almost perfect venue for building your future nest, one that is being flanked with numerous tourist attractions while still having facilities and amenities like a local neighbourhood.

Snapshot Info 

Named as The M, the mixed development is taking after the road name middle road. It comes with a commercial component within the same site, occupying the ground floor beneath the lower-rise block of residence. Along with that, there is only a 99-year lease instead of a freehold tenure for this luxurious project.

A piece of government land situated within our prime district 7, the entire land parcel for this condo is over 80k square feet, accommodating 522 private residential homes.

Preliminary Details 

  1. Commercial Activities 

The site is among the enclave of Bugis commercial hub, along with Beach road and North Bridge road vicinity. One of the biggest perks it offers to; over other non-city living sites are the people running several businesses within the town area and are always up and running. With that being said, there are a myriad of hotels with varied standards, shopping malls of all kinds and International cuisines that are bound to capture your sophisticated palates.

  1. Fixtures

It comes with 2 zones, one with a taller building of 20-storey and one with a lower block with 6-storey. These two building structures will house all 522 households including the commercial space situated beneath the lower-rise block that fronts the middle road.

  1. Unblocked View 

The site boasts an unblocked frontage opening up to the street, making it easily visible and accessible from there. Apart from this, with the development of a taller residential building within The M project, residents will enjoy an unmatched view of the Downtown Core and Fort Canning Hill over the streets of Middle Road, Purvis Street and Seah street.

  1. Location 

The site chosen for residential area is not a blinder. Rather, it has been chosen very carefully to meet the requirements of savvy homeowners specifically. First off, the place where The M is located doesn’t have that many residential homes at present, someone had to provide for it with a suitable land parcel. Secondly, the site coordinates are totally ideal as it becomes the central area for office workers and school-going kids.

In addition to this, it is also heeding the government’s call for more new residential properties within the town area.

  1. Architectural Aspect 

The new project has not been briefed to the marketing agencies yet but with the best of architectural mind in decades, it will be a well-thought process with some stunning designs to make it one of the best landmarks in the immediate area.

Wing Tai Holdings is known for picking some of the best architectural firm for all their projects, well-known and internationally acclaimed architects with work excellence on their portfolio. The architectural marvel will certainly be carried out in various steps to make sure it didn’t miss any point to achieve the best results.

Not only this, each home will be crafted to its own uniquely way. Luxury will never be compromised in any way whatsoever and always kept as the most-high priority. These beautiful homes could be yours when you make the move now.

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