attractively priced Haus on handy condo

World-Class and attractively priced Haus on handy condo by CDL

Singapore – When you’re working in a fast and quick pace society like ours, we can imagine the pain and frustrations of most white-collar workers and professionals in this wealthy city-state. The aspirations which all of us hold dearly in our mind that someday, we will be able to retire stress-free with enough financial means in supporting our later years down the road.

Many of us would eagerly look forward to a swiss-life standard of living, spending our time leisurely at home that is both affordable and comfortable whilst retaining the prestige status after years of slogging in the ultra-demanding workforce. A lifestyle that no one can resists but yet at the same time, there are also many people who may have a hard time during their home hunting in Singapore due to the extremely pricey properties in the tiny city-state, home to a population of just over 5.8 million as of 4th Dec 2018, a figure pulled from the United Nations.

As a result, leading real estate developers in Singapore were obliged to play an important role in the pricing of future developments going forward. Such as by launching their projects in staggering phases with carefully planned strategies and some public consultation sessions to avoid any unnecessary escalation on the price-sensitive market.

In order not to be priced out of the property market, many steps were taken and the first organization taking the lead is City Developments Limited, fondly known as CDL by the public. A locally well-reputable firm since the 1960s. They will be launching their latest premium project in Orchard Road that is without the premium price tag attached, a hotly contested government land parcel along handy road that was sold in Jan 2018 via an open tender.

The new project by CDL has since been named as Haus on Handy, a high-end quality residence that will be attractively priced to cater for most city dwellers alike, a near perfect venue for most sophisticated home buyers around.

More about Haus on Handy

As mentioned, professionals working in the nearby business and financial districts will certainly be overjoyed that CDL will be lowering the cost of home ownership, and especially one such development in the prime district 9 of Singapore.

This latest residential development will accommodate 188 private apartments on 3 residential blocks, a figure that is of a lower density project due to the restriction and conditions placed on the subject site upon tendering. As per the local market watchers, it will be an affordable world-class development that is in proximity to a whole host of amenities.

First lining up being the entire stretch of shopping malls along Orchard road, the travelling convenience from Dhoby Ghaut Station across the road and being a neighbor of Istana. It is indeed one of the most anticipated new launch in the area ever since Sophia Hills (100% Sold out) that was introduced four years ago.

Haus on Handy is not only situated on a prime land which covers good connectivity, it will also be built with modern facilities while incorporating an integrated smart system throughout the entire development for the residents. Therefore, by placing your hard-fought money on this project by CDL will certainly lead you to a life of luxury by receiving high appraisal values in the growing market.

In addition, they will utilize high-quality materials in the construction process, a highly favored choice by the environmentalist. It will surely be a significant landmark upon completion due to its forward design with high accuracy.

Stay tune for more detailed information if you are looking forward to exploring this new residential project in handy road.

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