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World War 2 E Books For Sale
World War 2 E-Books
1st Panzer Division
The Best-Trained Panzer Division

10th SS Panzer Division Combat
10th SS Panzer Division "Frundsberg"

17th SS Panzer Grenadier Division, “Goetz von Berlichingen”
The Toughest SS Panzer Grenadier Division

21st Panzer Division Attack
Panzer Division Combat

291st Combat Infantry Division
Un-noticed German Elite Division

The 353rd Infantry Division’s Glory
German 353rd Infantry Division: Birth to Death

503rd SS Tiger Battalion
Battalion History and Defense of Berlin

5th SS Viking Division
SS Panzer Combat, Eastern Front

6th Panzer Division Glory Vol. 1
6th Panzer Division Glory Vol. 2
Elite German Army Panzer Division

6th SS Mountain Division, Finland
6th SS Nord, Far North Combat

7th Panzer Division, Glory Bound
Reliable Eastern Front Panzer Division

Actung Cavalry
German Horse Cavalry Divisions - Eastern Front, WW II

Africa Corps, Achtung
German Desert Warfare Concepts: World War II

Anti-Partisan Operations in WW2 Croatia
Defensive Tactics and Defeat

Anti-Partisan Warfare, Yugoslavia
Germany’s War Against Tito’s Partisans

The Assault Generation
Axis Volunteers on the Eastern Front

Assault Pioneers Advance
Germany’s Assault Elite

Axis Assault Pioneers
Combat Engineers on Many Fronts

Barbarossa Breakthrough
Germany Smashes Soviet Command and Commo

Barbarossa Trap
Red Army Traps the German Army

Battle Leadership
German Army Secrets (by Captain Adolph Von Schnell, 1933)

Battle of Lenino
1st Polish Rifle Division's Attack

The Battle of Manila: 2/1945
US 14th Corps Battles Japanese in Manila

Battle for East Prussia
The German Army Defends the Reich

Bicycle Infantry in War
Low Tech Bicycle War-Winning

Bloody Leningrad Front
Spanish Blue Division WW2

Budapest Defense 1944
SS Cavalry Urban Lethality

British Commando Handbook
Commando Officers Guide, 1942

City Fight: WW2 Urban Combat
A Comparison of the Experiences of 5 Nations

Commando Raid
British Commandos of World War II

Communist Enforcers in the Red Army

Commissars at War
NKVD Commissars, Eastern Front

Conquest of Brest-Litovsk 1941
Death of a Chaotic Soviet Fortress

Daring Thrust; Deep Battle
German Army Strategic and Operational Art

D-Day Combat
Invasion & German Counterattack

Death by Precision Fire
The World War 2 German Army Sniper

Death on Bougainville
How the Infantry Died

Defeat of the German Luftwaffe
How Attrition Killed the Great Luftwaffe

The Demyansk and Kholm Pockets
German Élan Defeats Red Hordes

The Devil’s Brigade
The 1st Special Service Force

Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Best Sniper Rifle in the World

Eastern Front Artillery Tactics
Artillery Combat Leningrad, WW2

Eastern Front Battlefields
Terrain Factors in the Russian Campaign

Eben Emael, 15-Minute Conquest
German Paratroops Conquer Impregnable Fortress

Espionage Manual # 13 – Achtung Abwehr
German Intelligence, World War II

Espionage Manual # 33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
Tradecraft Lessons, World War 2

Espionage Manual # 34 - Polish Espionage Secrets
Polish Intelligence, World War II

Finnish Army Continuation War
Finnish Army Battle Tactics, Units

Finnish Front Close Combat
Infantry Combat, Murmansk Front

Forest Battle Tactics
Forest Combat, Eastern Front

Fortress Berlin
German Army Defense of Berlin, 1945

Forward Detachment War
Soviet Spearhead of Victory

French Cavalry 1940
French Cavalry Operations

French Methodical Battle
How French Doctrine Caused Defeat

French SS Division Charlemagne
Valiant French SS Combat, WW2

General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics
Infantry Platoon and Company Tactics

German 1st Mountain Division’s Caucasus Saga
1st Mountain Division, Caucasus Mountains

German 12th Infantry Division
Subverted By Traitors, WW2

German 3rd Parachute Division
3rd Parachute Division Combat, France: 1944

German Anti-Partisan Tactics
Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics

German Army 101st Light Division
101st Jager Division 1941-42

German Army Anti-Partisan Operations
Tactics and Operational Art in WW2 Balkans

German Army Anzio
Chronicle of Anzio Combat, WW2

German Army Combat Doctrine
Think Like a German Commander

German Army Combat Facts
Unique Facts About the German Army

German Army Conquest of Yugoslavia
Operation 25, 1941

German Army Defense of Berlin
World War II, Battle of Berlin

German Army Defensive War
Eastern and Western Fronts

German Army Eastern Defenses
Defending Against the Soviet Blitz

German Army Eastern Front Weaknesses
Improvisations for Holding the Red Army

German Army Field Fortifications
Fortifications as Defensive Multipliers

German Army Foreign Combat Divisions
European Divisions in the German Army

German Army Fortification Secrets
German Stabilized Front & West Wall

German Army Individual Tank Killers
Man to Tank Combat Heroes

German Army Infantry Regiment Attack
Attack Methods of German Regiments

German Army Minefields
German Wehrmacht Minefield Lore

German Army Morale Compared
Demoralization in the Red Army

German Army Motorized Infantry Regiment
German Army Infantry Field Manual

German Army Mountain Warfare
World War II Mountain War

German Army Operational Level Defense
Operational Art in Defeat

German Army Pocket Book
Guide to the WWII German Army

German Army Recon, WW2
Reconnaissance Secrets

German Army SIGINT
German Traffic Analysis of Soviet Communications

German Army Smoke Screens
The German Army Combat Edge

German Army Special Tactics
Eastern Front Sudden Death

German Army Tactics, WW2
German Army, 1942-45

German Army Training
Building German Army Combat Skill

German Army Volkssturm Units
German People's Assault Troops

German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front, WW2

A German Army Waits in Normandy
The German Army in France, 1944

German Army Warrior Officers
Secrets of WW2 German Officer Selection Success

German Assault Engineer Battles
How Small Expert Teams Defeated Fortresses

German Assault Grenadiers
78th Sturm Grenadier Division

German Assault Pioneers, Eastern Front
Combat Engineers vs. Red Army

German Balkan Campaign
Panzers Seize Yugoslavia: 12 Days

German Battlefield Intelligence
Secrets of Frontline German Army Intelligence

German Close Assault Antitank Tactics
Wehrmacht Panzerknacker Combat

German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
Anti-Tank Stukas on the Eastern Front

German Combat Engineers, 1939-40
Battle in Poland, Belgium and France

German Corps Defends Donets River
11th German Corps’ Desperate Defense  

German Counterguerrilla Warfare in Greece
No Quarter War Against Communist Terror

German Defensive Methods
Soviet General Staff Document

German English Military Dictionary

German General Albert Kesselring
One of Germany’s Best Generals

German General Staff Deception
Top Secret Project Number 29

German Generals Explain War
Generals Balck and Von Mellenthin on Tactics

German Horse Cavalry & Mechanization
German Horse Cavalry, WW2  

German Infantry Invade Russia
German 52nd Infantry Division USSR, 1941

German Luftwaffe Air Combat
The Best Air Force of WWII

German Luftwaffe Flak
Germany’s Antiaircraft Armies

German Machine Gun Tactics
Machine Gun War, WW2

German Military Symbols
Tactical Symbols of the WW2 German Armed Forces

German Motorcycle Battalions
Motorcycle Unit Organization & Maneuver

German Mountain Combat
Gebirgs Units in World War II

German Naval War WW2
The Conduct of the War at Sea

German Panzers Defending Hungary
Panzer Retreat to Austria, 1945

German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad
German Panzer Divisions’ Attempted Breakthrough

German Panzers Normandy, 1944
Panzer Divisions Fighting in France

German Paratroop Assault
Operation Mercury Seizes Crete

German Paratroop Operations
The Fallschirmjäger Elite, WW2

German POWs in Soviet Camps
The Fate of Millions of German POWs

German Rifle Squad
The Gruppe in World War Two Combat

German Squad in Combat
Rifle Squad Leadership in the WWII German Army

German Strongpoints, Eastern Front
German Army Hedgehog Defense

German Tactical Position Defense
Eastern Front Divisional Defenses

Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism
German-Arab Nationalist Alliance, WW2

Germany’s Allied Armies, East Front
The Assault Generation’s Anti-Bolshevik Crusade

Germany’s Antitank Weakness
High Command Tactical Level Sabotage

Gestapo Counter Espionage
The Gestapo Fights Red Spies

The Glory of Stalingrad
Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad

The German Army’s Most Elite Division in WW II

Guadalcanal Campaign
America’s First WW2 Offensive Action

Halls of Valhalla (Where the Brave Live Forever) - Volume 1
SS Panzer Divisions

Halls of Valhalla (Where the Brave Live Forever) - Volume 2
SS Panzer Divisions

Herman Goring Panzer Division
An Under-Rated Panzer Division

Hitler Psychoanalyzed
OSS Creation of False Psycho-Data

Hitler Youth Training
Hitler Youth Educational Manual

Hitler Youth War
German Hitler Jugend Held Hostage

Hitler’s Commandos
Abwehr Brandenburg Special Operations

Hitler's Elite Shock Troops
Wehrmacht Desant and Shock Units

Hitler’s Generals, 1943

Hitler's Last Ditch, 1945
German Fortresses in the East, WW II

Hitler’s Ski Troops
German Army Combat Ski Units in WW2

Horse Cavalry, Red Army World War II
Massed Soviet Cavalry in Modern War

Imperial Japanese Army Cavalry
Jap Cavalry Combat, East Asia

Imperial Japanese Army Joint Operations
Japanese Combined Arms Tactics

Imperial Japanese Army Secrets
Psychology of The Japanese Army

Imperial Japanese Conquer Burma
British Humiliation #2

Imperial Japanese Espionage
Shadows of Imperial Japan

Imperial Japanese Jungle Survival
Before Survival Manuals

Imperial Japanese Malaya Campaign
Why the Japanese Routed the Brits

Infantry and Panzer Tactics
Primal Combat on the Eastern Front

Inside the German General Staff
Wehrmacht General Staff Sabotage

Interrogating Soviet Spies
German Intelligence on the Eastern Front

Italian Army Blood
Reluctant Soldiery, WWII

Italian Paratroops
Italian Paratroop Glory, WW2

Japanese Air War, WW2
Imperial Japanese Aerial Warfighting

Japanese Armored Operations
Imperial Japanese Army Mobile Combat

Japanese Army Infantry Combat
Blood on the Rising Sun

Japanese Army Invincibility Myth
Japanese Army’s Centrifugal Offensive

Japanese Army Snipers
Imperial Japanese Army Snipers, World War II

Japanese Counterinsurgency, WW2
Ruthless, Effective Japanese Tactics

Japanese Diversionary Tactics
Japanese Rear Assault Tactics

Japanese Paratroopers
Banzai From The Sky

Japanese Spy/Saboteur Infiltration, 1930s
2010 Islamic Infiltrators Use Same Tactics

Japanese Tank Hunting Tactics
Japanese Individual Tank Killing

Jungle Fighter Survival
Lessons from World War II

Kalmuck Cavalry of the German Army
The Red’s Most Brutal Foes

Kharkov Battles of the Waffen SS
Elite SS Divisions, Urban Combat

Kharkov's Red Streets
Five Battles for Kharkov? 1941-43

Kiev Cauldron, 1941
Encirclement of Soviet SW Front

Kursk, What Really Happened?
Operation Citadel and Historic Lies

Kwantung Army
Japanese Generals vs. the Red Army, Manchuria

Last Campaigns
The Soviet Conquest of Hungary in 1944-45

Loyalty is My Honor
Waffen SS Combat Leadership

The Lvov-Sandomierz Campaign
The Red Army Conquers the Ukraine

Manila Urban Defense, 1945
Japanese Defensive Fortifications and Tactics

Meeting Engagements
Encounter Battle 1939-1965

MG-34 German Machine Gun
The 2nd Best Machine Gun, 1943

Mobile Command
Combat Mobile Unit Command Since Antiquity

A Million Corpses to Berlin
The Red Army’s Drive into Germany in 1945

Murmansk Front
Winter War Strategy

Murmansk Front II
Warfare in the Finnish North in World War II

Narva, Estonia and The Waffen SS
Estonia & the SS Battle Communism

NKVD Secret Police
NKVD Mass Murder and Wet Ops

NKVD Special Operations
NKVD East Front Military Desant

Non-Linear War
Dispersed Battlefields

Ortona Battle, Italy 1944
German Paratroops Humiliate the Canadians

Panzer Combat
German Army Panzer / AT Units

Panzer Elite
Wehrmacht Panzer and Assault Units

Panzer Endkampf
German Panzer Divisions; Eastern Front, 1943-45

The Panzer General was a Traitor
116th Panzer Division 1944-45

Panzer Grenadiers of the SS
Hitler’s SS Panzer Grenadiers

Panzer Lehr Division
An Over-Rated Panzer Formation

Panzer Tactics
German Panzer Tactical Combat

Partisan War: Poland
Poles Fight the Soviet NKVD

Precision Fire Sniper Kill
German vs. British Snipers, World War II

Principles of Red Army Combat
Soviet Combat Methods In World War II

The Punch Below the Belt
Japanese Ruses, Deception Tactics, & Antipersonnel Measures

Quick Thrust
Imperial Japanese Army Bayonet Fighting Tactics in World War 2

Rear Area Security in Russia
2nd Front Behind German Lines

Red Air Force Fighters: WW2
Soviet Fighter Tactics: Ost Front

Red Armor Advance
Soviet Tank Tactics, WW2

Red Army Assault Gun Tactics
Light and Medium Assault Guns, WW2

The Red Army Battles a Ukrainian SS Division
Destruction of the 14th SS Ukrainian Infantry Division “Galicia”

Red Army Cavalry, Eastern Front
Soviet Cavalry, A Million Hoofbeats

Red Army City Fighting
Soviet Urban Combat, World War II

Red Army Scout, Razvedchik
Red Scouts on the Eastern Front

Red Army Ski Troops
White Death on the Eastern Front

Red Army Sniper Tactics
Red Army Precision Fire Manual

Red Army T-34 Tank
Service Manual and Evaluation

Red Army Tactics
Soviet Army, World War II

Red Army Unburied Dead
Proof: Soviets Didn’t Bury Their WW2 Dead

Red Army Warfighting
Soviet Tactics and Support, WW2

Red Cavalry Forward
Soviet Cavalry Invasions, 1918-45

Red Partisan Manual
Red Army Partisans Combat and Survival

Red Terror's Bloody Reprisal
Communist Terrorism, Kharkov: 1941-43

Riders on the Storm
Axis Calvary; Eastern Front, WW 2

Rifle Squads, World War II
The Fifty Meter War

A Rotted Traitor’s Edifice
Secrets of the Abwehr German Intelligence Agency

The Russian Army, 1944

Secret Wehrmacht in Russia
3rd Reich-Soviet Union Pre-War Cooperation

Secrets of Japanese Espionage
Japanese Secret Societies and Military Intelligence, WW2

Secrets of Stalingrad
How General Paulus Lost the War

Shadow War, Russia
German Army Counter Intelligence (on the Eastern Front)

Shanghai: Communist Enclave, WW2
Free China Fights Shanghai Communists

Skorzeny: Waffen SS Commando
Otto Skorzeny, Warrior Extraordinaire

Solomon Islands Combat
Fighting the Imperial Japanese Army

Soviet Antitank Fronts
Soviet Antitank Tactics WW2

Soviet Armored Train Tactics
Red Armored Trains in Combat

Soviet Army Tank War
Eastern Front WW2

Soviet Army War Book
Red Army War Combat Principles

Soviet Artillery Tactics
Red Arty Fire Control: 1941-44

Soviet Combat Aerosleigh Battalions
Eastern Front, World War II

Soviet Combat Engineers
Red Army Engineers, WW2

Soviet Direct-Fire Artillery
The Red Army’s Doubled Lethality

Soviet Encirclement of Germans
Five Major Eastern Front Pockets

Soviet Fortified Regions Analysis
Red Army Fortifications of WW2

Soviet Front Encirclement Operations
Red Army Encirclement of Axis Units

Soviet Naval Combat, WW2
Icy Graves and Bloody Waves

Soviet Naval Infantry
Red Marines, World War 2

Soviet Operational Defense
How to Beat an Operational Level Offense

Soviet Partisans Hand-to-Hand
Hand-To-Hand Manual for Red Partisans

Soviet Partisans, Small Unit Tactics
Red Army Troops Disguised as Partisans

Soviet Partisans: The Truth
Red Army Irregular Combat

Soviet Pre-WW2 Spy Nets
Stalin’s Spin of What They Revealed

Soviet Rifle Regiment/Battalion Tactics
Fighting at the Micro-Tactical Level WWII

Soviet Secret Army
NKVD Combat Forces in WW2

Soviet Sniperism
Red Army Snipers on East Front

Soviet Tank Tactics, Eastern Front
Red Army Tank Combat: 1943-45

Special Operations Executive Disguise Manual
World War II British Spy Tradecraft

SS Panzers Save the Mius River Front
How the 2nd SS Panzer Corps Rescued the 6th Army
and Scored a Bloody Victory

SS Parabellum
The 7th Prinz Eugen SS Mountain Division

SS Paratroops Attack
SS Paratroops Assault Tito’s HQ

SS Viking Division Drang
SS Panzers Rostov to the Caucasus

SS Werewolves Hoax
Allied Manufactured Excuses for Mass Murder

Stalingrad Campaign
Secrets of the Most Famous Battle of WW2

Stalingrad, Cover-Up
German War Correspondents Skew Facts

Stalingrad Legacy
Stalingrad Secrets, After the Battle

Stalingrad's Red Army Secret
The Red Army at Stalingrad

Stauffenberg: General Staff Traitor
Operation Valkyrie Treason

Subterranean Warfighting Blues
Underground War: Petersburg to 2010

Swamp Combat WW2
The Epitome of Broken Terrain

The 15th Panzer Grenadier Division at War
Reliable and Relentless Valor and Glory

Third Reich Coup D’ Etat
German Staff Officers' Conspiracy

Third Reich ICBMs
Allied Anti-V Weapons, Crossbow Campaign

Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors, WW2
External German Traitor Organizations

Thunder from the East
Soviet Horse Cavalry on the Eastern Front, WW II

Traitors of the Third Reich
Why Germany Lost World War II

Urban Defense: East Front
Defending Major Cities, WW2

US Army Rangers, Endkamp
Destruction of US Rangers, 1944

Velikiye Luki Encirclement
German Valor, Blood, & Toughness

Volkhov's Unburied Dead
Soviet Defeat in the Volkhov Pocket

Waffen SS Campaigns in Russia
Belgian Volunteers on the Eastern Front

Waffen SS Cavalry
SS Cavalry Combat, Eastern Front

Waffen SS Foreign Units
European SS in the Anti-Bolshevik War

Waffen SS Officer Training
Waffen SS Combat Ethos

Wehrmacht Anti-Partisan Manual
Wehrmacht Tactics Against Red Bands

Wehrmacht Identification Handbook
Intelligence Handbook on the Wehrmacht

Wehrmacht Radio Interception
German Military SIGINT, WW2

The Wehrmacht’s Soviet Armies
The Third Reich’s Soviet Volunteer Armies

White Ghosts in the Snow
Ski War, Eastern Front

Winter of the Corpses
Why the Wehrmacht was Defeated at Moscow

Winter Warfare, Russian Front
Soviet Eastern Front Winter War

Women Spies
From the Okhrana to the Abwehr

World War 2 Axis Interrogation
German and Japanese Interrogation
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Kiev Cauldron, 1941 - Encirclement of Soviet SW Front
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Guadalcanal Campaign - America’s First WW2 Offensive Action
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